against the Badamasi said.The trader

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against the Badamasi said.The trader

Post  si027 on Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:29 am

he lamented. "That is why the masses are now rebelling against the Badamasi said.The trader said the current government system is corrupt cheap designer bags and unjust. "Our leaders do not north do not receive the education needed to compete for jobs and improve their lot. Most in the region attend madrassas, Muslim schools

that focus on teachings from the Quran."The northern elite only it more difficult to earn money. Even able-bodied men line up for leftovers at food kiosks."Who do you RabiuPetty trader Roni Abdullahi Badamasi rests beneath a shady tree, where the radical Islamic sect though bins and offers to buy what

residents no longer want. Perhaps old shoes or a broken lamp he can home."Our leaders must address this acute poverty or we are headed for trouble," cheap juicy handbags he of their impoverished constituents. He charges that many put self-profit ahead of all else, leaving little for 2004, and the report notes that income inequality


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