Klimax Akurate reviews

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Klimax Akurate reviews

Post  Classsik on Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:03 am

Have you seen the new reviews on the Linn site taken from the Geman magazine?

Klimax DS marks what is currently the best achievable performance in audio for network players and leaves mechanical/optical systems in the dust. Its little brother Akurate DS is not far behind. The perspective for the future is: fast Internet connection and music streaming - flat rate subscription for high-definition content - even the NAS server at home then becomes expendable.

Klimax DS sets new standards. It plays CD content from hard disc like no CD player can, and it widens the gap even further when it comes to high-definition content. Reference.

Akurate DS, the little brother of Klimax DS, does the family proud: audio performance of the highest order; playing CD quality recordings even better than the legendary Sondek CD12, or the Akurate CD.


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