Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable

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Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable

Post  Toby Andrews on Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:07 am

Has anyone any experience of using this product in an all Linn system. And, more importantly using it in shorter runs such as 2.5m.

Toby Andrews

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Re: Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker Cable

Post  Lancashireboy on Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:54 am

The Nordost in the right system will sing, and I believe there are many who are smitten by its sonics. The only caveat is you would have to pay much more for them to perhaps do a little more of what the K400 are fully capable of doing in a fully optimised Linn system. At that cost differential, there remains the uncertainty whether the overall sonic has been compromised in its tip-to-toe coherence, a usual trade off for substituting "foreign" cables into the set-up, though there may well be improvements in other specific areas. For me, this uncertainty, especially at the elevated price points, makes cable substitutions too risky - I'm a firm believer of getting exactly what I paid for, if I paid for something to work as it should in a fully dedicated one-make system.

This applies to all other cable-make substitutions, not just Nordost, in the context of a full Linn system, but as always, the money and choice are yours.


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